Full Service Animation for Blockchain Companies

We build animated content from the ground up. 

We are able to provide research, script & storyboard at no additional cost to you. 

Each project comes complete with vectors, audio & HD deliverable content.  

We offer a large variety of animation styles including 2D, Vector, 3D and Whiteboard Animations. 

Original Vectors & Illustrations

We provide original illustrations & vector images for token icons, technology, characters and much more! 

Original illustrations & vectors are available in an assortment of styles. Tell us what you need and we will take it from there!

Voiceover & Audio Options

We offer a large variety of voices, male and female for your project. We will always provide extensive resources for background music and sound effects, ensuring that we mix the perfect track for your project.

Blocknoodle Founding Team

Rachel Siegel

Blocknoodle Animations Cryptocurrency Explainer Videos


Rachel comes from a traditional media background, working on productions for companies such as HPE, Weight Watchers, Wicked & The Lion King. She has served as Technical Coordinator & Supervisor for Blue Man Productions (Blue Man Group). Rachel is the and is the CEO & Founder of Crypto Finally. 

More About Rachel

Giordany Orellana

Blocknoodle Animations Cryptocurrency Explainer Videos


Giordany has a rich history of film & video production. Giordany has served for companies such as and Intomotion. He is the Co-Founder, Writer and Director for the popular Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel, Cryptonauts; His most popular videos including IOTA Breakdown: The Tangle Vs Blockchain Explained with over 120,000 views and Proof of Work Vs Proof of Stake - Simplified Explanation with over 95,000 views.


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